// Created by Rafael Goñi on 10/7/12.
// Copyright 2010 Vibebranding. All rights reserved.

#import “AboutViewController.h”

@implementation AboutViewController

– (void)viewDidLoad {
[super viewDidLoad]; //always call super to make sure things get executed properly! //set the title of this view controller

self.title = NSLocalizedString(@”Acerca de”, @””);//declare a UIImage called ‘image’ and set it to our logo image

UIImage *image = [UIImage imageNamed:@”Logo_about68x44″]; // create an instance of UIImageView with our image

UIImageView *imageView = [[UIImageView alloc] initWithImage:image]; //set the content mode to scale aspect fit so that our image doesnt get streched or distorted

[imageView setContentMode:UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit]; // add the imageview to this view controller’s main view as a subview

[self.view addSubview:imageView]; //release the instance of Logo since we are done with it now

[imageView release]; } – (void)dealloc { [super dealloc]; } @end


public void createQueue(String queueName) throws Exception {
// 声明队列,第一个参数是队列名字,第二个参数表示是否支持持久化。durable = true 代表RabbitMQ重启后,该队列还在
channel.queueDeclare(queueName, true, false, false, null);

public Channel getChannel() {
return channel;

//设置信道通道(由生产者端发出去的具体的消息会带上一些特征性标识) 例如 routingkey、exchange、Message回调机制 (ack 机制) 等 这里我们就声明 routingkey=user_key

/** ************* 发布和订阅之-》 扇形交换机 (广播机制即将多个不同的QUEUE进行绑定 binding ) *******/

//扇形交换机—用来相应routingKey:正好想成两方–1->多对应 多使用fanoutExchange 2->单使用 directExchange

//声明–>广播扇形交换机–>注意多生产者之间共用fanoutExchange channle.exchangeDeclare(OBJECT exchange , String type ,boolean durable , boolean autoDelete , Map arguments ) 5个参数 1–>Object : Exchange Name |2 –> type: fanout、direct |3 boolen Durable 4 Boolean autoDelete 5 Mappinng Arguments 队列属性 arguments都一样无意义开8008端口//rabbitmqctl list_bindings命令看起来传过来的信道【channels】装在哪里 rabbitmqctl list_exchanges 查看内部已存在的exchanges exchange//今天我们就true /false (4boolean) + Fanout (2StringType) + “JK”name(1OBject)–>命令5 限定–>必定选fanoutExchange准备schedeuleName–>”JK”===>OK ready go! sendmsg!JK ->jk is schedulename ==>use static final 8888 port //随便都叫JK.sendMsg 然而要在main method中init jk instance–>.sendMSG(++args[]) voila~ One down many up! multiple—-logic–memory array []{}{}{}{}–dest=to topic? toQQ? towx?../../..etc bingo ?//pubsub logic ArrayList only provide support for random access and do not guarantee that insertion order will be preserved. LinkedList. add remove elements at any position if required insertion order is to be maintained !!! why use wildcard ?? all conditions should ↑↑↑ binggo??????wildcard nake dynamic match more conditions List> retMapList = new ArrayList(); 构造retmap集大成 @Autowired private Resource resource; @Test public void whenResourceIsLoadedFromClasspath_ThenItIsNotNull() { assertThat(resource).isNotNull(); System.err.println(“Resource Is Not Null”); System.err .println(“The Return Value From the Loaded Resource=” + resource .getFilename()); } OK?????all RIGHT!?bingo!–so easy!!!! no exception here ! VOILA~!!!!!!!!!!**override NoNoSuchMethodError ~NO Lomboking Usage RuntimeException throwable—》no INVOKE trace——————finish——————comment—————ok —————————-@Override————————No such method error————————throw new runtime exception—————no invoke trace return ok → over flow time limit exceeded ! package cn.*core.*cache; import net…..cachemap; import java.*util.*HashSet => 超时抛异常 return ok → over flow time limit exceeded ! package cn.*core.*cache; import net…..cachemap; import java.*util.*HashSet => 超时抛异常 try { Map linkObj = linkServiceImpl.queryLinkInfoById((Long)(objects[0])); HashSet linkedset = createLinkedHashSetByLinkInfoIdsAndLevel ((Long)(objects[1]),maxlevel); cacheMap linkedCachemap gatherall above objects and set type Add into cache map cacheMap service .put FINAALLYYYY replace old values with New values by id key identifier ———————————————————————FINALLYYYY| commit finish !! OK????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GGGGGOOD<<<<<<<logAddHook (‘beforeDataManagerRecordsRead’, array(\Controller::getInstance(), ‘applyLanguageFilter’), “Apply language filter to records”); }
return ret;

int32_t getintvar(char* varname) {

int tmp, len;

if (varname[0] == ‘$’) {

char *val = getenv(&varname[1]);
//printf(“getenv %s\n”, &varname[1]);

if (! val) {
printf(“environment variable %s does not exist!\n”, &varname[1]); /* quitt */
error_stop(); /* same as quit() in lua */
return 0; /* never reached */
} else {
//printf(“value of env: %s is %d\n”, &varname[1], atoi(val));

tmp = atoi(val); /* convert to integer */

if (tmp <= 0 || tmp > MAXARRAYSIZE+20) { /* maxsize + some extra just in case*/ hellfireos_core.h 568->569 ->576 LZFIXED for 64kb stack #- FIXME #TODO check the limit with avr-gcc and set this value accordingly [this could be done in termemu.c maybe] – 8M stack might be too much lol but we’ll see <8k should work fine with avr-libc 2.0.0 ?? //__fatal_error("Variable out of bounds!");/* quitt, stop interpreter?? */ ;; nope better implement something like assert or kernel panic? instead of __fatal_error !maybe AVR libc has something alike /jet/20200519#2 !!! CHECK !! make a test... don't forget to add stderr example on dev page 😀 also maybe print backtrace as well..*/ ;;; make sure its safe to use assertions then 😛 more tests.. kthxbai FOR NOW added "kernel panic" it works xD PYROSDEV 2020JUN04 2KLIKKAUSTA 11:15PM More later> I WILL TEST THIS YET GENERATE BACKTRACE WHEN ASSERT OR KERNEL PANIC FIRE LOL xD + eip tracing xD ok got sidetracked here :lol:: DONE< fixed --> will check it pretty soon +added example for stderr on website!. 🙂 DoneWithThisMinor2020Jun4 11:45PM FINITO –> #LZFIX ME$$ TODO …hellfireos 2020jun16 2AM..#COCOA fixme add backtrace generation whenassert fires [easy ,very easy ],,no need for symbols etc 🙂 very nice yay \o/_ try to figure out how to handle long arrays better ? allocpages? mebbeeoh top kek :DDD — lzfixed 2020/june16 7am ++fixmexx protect array accesses from going outside and crashy crap 😛 ckeck array size first always!! lzfixed jun17 10pm www.– #lzfixme XXX++ CODE REVIEW++ AAAAND NO MORE GRAMMER MISTAKES FUCK YES 😉 PYROSDEV JUN26– checksums /etc check lua checksums validate input files etc etc … oh greatness ##WILL XEEEEE ECC 🙂 gonna love that xdd hell yeah## no line continuation character – kinda necessary esp with long lines ‘lol @peka #fixme TODOs no comment escaping via quote lol bbugged gonna have fun with this one hehe _PEKA OCT 22nd 2020 9PM => Added an escape \ character intocomments, so now you can escape newlines&thingsincomments using the usual slash followed by letter sequence form xxFIXME…removed docstrings from compiler oopsie fixed _LZNOV3RD2020 3AM## codereview peka oct23rd10pm+rewrote dostringstepping in assemblernowworks probbablymoreefficentlywithexpressionstepsthough— — thisthingisgettinglongerandlonger wut tho??? ADDING LINE CONTINUATION CHAR TO SOURCECODE [or readfile9xs line buffer loop?? O.o] FIXME^1010101 januari11th2021 10am———————————————————————-FINISHED! hadallthetimeinworld XD &&&&#REVIEW IS THE WORD LOL&&~~~

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