public static final GBApplicationStatus REGISTERED = new GBApplicationStatus(“REGISTERED”, InnerEnum.REGISTERED, “已注册”);

* 申报中/注册中
public static final GBApplicationStatus APPLYING = new GBApplicationStatus(“APPLYING”, InnerEnum.APPLYING, “申报中/注册中”);

* 预登记成功/待受理(未审核)
public static final GBApp

Debtor / Customer Number

${data.debtor} Invoice Details



Grand Total    =0;i–){

if (i > 0) {
System.out.print(” “); //space in between numbers from the array

//output : 50 40 30 20 console.log(err);


socket.on(‘miss’, function(data){

var pl_s = data;
console.log(“MISSING PLAYER :”+pl_s)
if (foundUser!=null||foundUser!=””) { // find user in the database with given username and check his password
if (removeduser!=null||removeduser!=””) { // delete user from db; success sends back 1 , failure 0
var clients2 = io.nsps[‘/’].adapter.rooms[room]; // number of clients in this room

foundUser[“status”]=’miss’; ///if there is any player missing that put him status to miss ;
UserHistoryModel.update({roomName:room},{$push:{users:foundUser}},{upsert:true});// push the user to history model ;it will be ignored from now on- until released by whiteboard master …….cheers….!!// update the room info with new array including inactive users into it

socket.broadcast.to(room).emit(‘missing’,JSON.stringify({name:foundUser[“username”],”status”:’miss’,”id”:foundUser[“socketId”]}));/// send missing notice to all exist players and make him inactive for physics engine ; he can join again when released by whiteboard master ….. cheeres…..!!!// broadcast active users list ,his name & id . so that frontend can construct everypne’s status depending on tha what we emit..!!!! cheers..!!👍😊✌️

// console.table(gameBoard);

// for (let col = 0; col < boardSize ;col++) { // for (let row = 0; row < boardSize ;row++) { // let matrixIndex = gameBoard[row][col]; // if (matrixIndex === 1) { // context.fillStyle = 'red'; // context.fillRect(x, y, boxSize, boxSize); // } else if (matrixIndex === 2) { // context.fillStyle = 'yellow';
// #include<>

using namespace std;

int main()
cout << "Hello world!";// prints hello world. return 0; } void checkNetworkStatus(Context context); CheckNetworkStatus will allow you to check the network status of the device. It takes a parameter of type Context which allows it access to system services. The method will use ConnectivityManager and NetworkInfo to determine the current network connection state and return true or false accordingly. = 0; image->threshold.r = (uint16)0x00;
image->threshold.g = (uint16)0x00;
image->threshold.b = (uint16)0x00;

* Let the user know what attributes have been set in this image

_MIPS_TRACE(“Attributes set\n”);
_MIPS_TRACE(” .. Displayable : %d \n”,image->displayable);
_MIPS_TRACE(” .. Bits per Pixel : %d \n”,image->depth);
_MIPS_TRACE(” .. Origin : (%d,%d)\n”,image->origin.h,image->origin.v);
if( doublebuffer) { /* Double buffering flag */

_MIPS_TRACE(“.. Double Buffer : Yes\n”);

if( swap ) /* Swap flag */ { } else { _MIPS_TRACE(“.. Swap : No\n”); } } } else { _MIPS_TRACE trace_printf(“googletest leakcheck test: %s\n”, result ? “PASS” : “FAIL”);

return result ? 0 : -1;
/** \endcond */ PINMUX_PA20F_TCC0_WO4 = 0x00001858, /**< \brief TCC0 signal: WO4 on PA20 mux F */ #define PINMUX_PA21F_TCC0_WO5 = 0x0000185C, /**< \brief TCC0 signal: WO5 on PA21 mux F */ #define PINMUX_PA09G_TCC1_WO1 = 0x00001881, /**< \brief TCC1 signal: WO1 on PA09 mux G */ #define PINMUX_PB10G_TCC1 * object. * @return A {@code SQLObject} representing the persisted object. */ public static Object deepPersist(CTConnection conn, EntityFacade facade, CTBasicRO entity) throws SQLException { // Check for nulls if (conn == null || facade == null || entity == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("Null arguments are not allowed"); } // Generate the cascade ID list of entities to persist List cascadesList = generateCascadesList(facade);

// Now iterate through them and prepersist each one in turn using reflection to get the property values from the base entity. This will also add any non-existent foreign key records as part of the process.
Iterator iterator = cascadesList.iterator();

while (iterator.hasNext()) {

EntityCascadeID id = iterator.next();

try {

CTEntity ctEntity = CTEntityMapperFactory.getInstance().getMapper(id).mapFromRO(entity); // Map up the basic RO into an Entity ready for persisting… this is why we use reflection here! Then use the Cascade mappings to get all associated entities…. should also work if they’re already mapped objects…

startTransactionIfNecessary(conn); // Start a transaction if necessary (a transaction is required when inserting/updating multiple related tables) otherwise any changes afterwards will not be picked up by subsequent queries due to autocommit being true!.. this means that we have no way of knowing what’s changed until it gets committed at which point its impossible for us to rollback anything without causing data loss!! 🙁 See www ticket #3299084, 3299173 and https://confluence.netcentric/display/ALGPRCDB/Ensure+transactions+are+used+when+changing+data#Ensuretransactionsareusedwhenechangingdata-TransactionsWhenCreatingNewRecordswithMultiplerRelatedRecordsforDetails

((DBWriteContext)ctEntity).setUpdateModeToMergeAllowedInPKeyOnly(); // Set merge mode that supports NoDuplicateInserts (#494168) but only allows merging on primary key fields so we don’t lose uniqueness across our other unique indexes!.. XORDetection logic does NOT deal with this scenario correctly so we have no choice but handle it ourselves!! Also note that when creating new record sets containing related records eg preorder items or delivery details etc then transactions MUST be used otherwise our business rules will fail since there is no guarantee that all related records are created before subsequenrqueries run against them as part of validation checks etc resulting in ‘no such record exists’ errors etc (@see http://www2m1064128:8090/browse/UPGRADE-1126 ) – NetCentric #3299173 NB This setting must here for each persist starting from top level (not just once on first invocation) or merging won’t take place!!!!!!! Otherwise race conditions can occur where a foreign record has been inserted between initial query and insert!!! To prevent this warning messages were added during CRM development reminding us about transactional inserts still existing in places!!!!! See eCRMJIRA ticket 52118223020#comment4 & 53119435004#comment21 plus CRMSQLGuidelines page info re TransactionsWhenCreatingNewRecordswithMultipleRelatedRecordsWarning ! Even singleton saving scenarios need this set ie POrderScreenEventHandler saveStatusChangeData method! Note too that child cascade saves below here do NOT require merged mode settings since they inherit their settings from whatever was selected above themselves!!!!!!! Thus singleton saving scenarios DO require this setting BEFORE each persist call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! // Set supress user audit checking (#479412)! We’d rather use application level tracking instead based upon ORM change events triggerred by database update notifications!!!!! Checks can then go back via reference navigation against master objects like POrders etc NB We may want conider changing these defaults to manual control later depending upon how querying works out? // Finally perform business rule validations prior to commit NOTE IMPORTANT!: Any further JDBC result calls made after commit now should either be done within separate transactions or else accesses should make sure they dont get stale data esepcially regarding inserts / updates / deletes made within same transaction being done elsewhere!!!!!! Unfortunately Oracle 8i doesnt support JTA so have no choice but keep multiple active datasources around 🙁 precache lookups solved most problems though see AgileCreateCustomerWSBean precacheLookups()), OfferingSetupProductTextJDBCDAO 67969718008 comment 10 , 11 & 13 plus 65532553009 comment 1 , 2 & 19!!@${#LOG_OBJECT_TYPE}: ${logObjectTypeName}#${#tr_h:contextPath=#truncateAt($contextPath)}#${20090327190943000200701102020185041}%${2008022215403300011419312729337010}&${2009061618194600001715240651893912}%${2009060714313900075197123259396851}& CHECKSUM=#### ;-> ;->####### Called dor value : [$] -> !!##DeepPersistCompleteEventListener[^] “@TDOCJiraAPI Integration Test customer bean” System Of Units In Use – SysOfUnit : $$ !!!@#$$§€µ Bad request endPoint successfully consumed wsdl service: $ &&&&&& Endpoint recieved message response code 401 Saved resource type [$resourcesType] found in existing resource collection “” + extResourceTypes[] + “” Updated external resources mapping SUCCESSFULLY with RESPONSE CODE 200 OK Resource [$resourceCode] found in added resources collection @Override protected int retrieveExpiryTime() throws ExpiryTimeRetrieveFailException Dependency injection using Spring framework complete FOR KEEP GITHUB CREATIVE AND GREAT View spring MVC error page view code snippet BELOW successMessage checker return true value stored into db Queried cache keys failed due missing namespace prefix serializationError”, objGenericPlugin listener invokeOnLoadOutput Method DefaultCoherenceCacheQuotaImpl quotaVerify invoked successfuly Activation success exchange consumer API STARTED Constructor called Department personnel lookup RETURNED FALSE error encountered CrmDataAccessManager configurator initialized SUCCESSFULLY; Override方法deparametrizeTransactionalSettingsで取得したサブジェクトはnullである必要があります。 adapterインスタンスの取得部分を確認すること(クラスAutowireCapableBeanFactoryを使用)。 返された値に関する例外の検出および処理、ユーザー定義のフィールド検証などのオブジェクト・バリデーションもサポートしています セッション可能なコネクションの完全性が保証されている場合、このメソッド呼出は、上位レベルの管理モデルに接続を行うことで失敗します。 正常実行後にこのメソッドは、任意の実行例外が発生したかどうかをチェックします マップオブジェクト作成Method init() 呼出中 END setters methods invoke succeded 成功 生成されたテーブルの適切なフォーマット: ${tableSchemaFormat}.formatted Schema DataSet テーブル項目overrideエラーvalueMissingエラー occurred camelCase形式のプロパティが正常動作を開始しました: parameterNameCaseOverrideSuccessfully 操作モードが正常化配信運転履歴successfully STARTED inside DAOMapping setter logged successfully finished QueryBuilder created sucessfully executed END Model builder processed 最小化successfully completed

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